Starting from Amarela, it's easy to access many spots. Each spots have their own features. Good news: We can guide, drive or pick you up in all of them! 

Let's see the main reasons we love them.


Upwind of Amarela, Taibinha is "The wave spot". Really technical but offer good waves for experienced riders. 

Mid tide is a must. The downwind back to Amarela is a smooth ride on the waves. 


You have seen it on many, many videos about Brazil. Taiba's lagoon is the best place to practice freestyle with boots or strapless. Just 500m downwind from Amarela.

Tips. End your session with a cold beer at the bar with the view on the lagoon!


Secret Spot 1 has it all. Flat water & a reef break, local fishermen and their lovely Jangadas! You can easily downwind there from Amarela and it's aaamazing! Or pack your kite on the buggy and enjoy the ride!

Our favourite spot.

Tips. Get a fresh coconut on the beach!


Little further North, Secret Spot 2 is the last pit-stop before Paracuru. A big flat playground with shallow water, tiny waves and many wind turbines as scenary!

Tips. The downwind at sunset from Amarela to Secret Spot 2 is unbelievable!


A restaurant to eat lobster, many people, a reef break and a flat spot! Paracuru is as famous as it's name is weird but it's fame has reasons! The best place to finish the downwind and wait for the driver to pick you up and go back home for a more relax vibe : )

Tips. Try the lobster and be patient.

Rua Barra Mar, 212 
Praia da Taiba 
CEP 62700-000

+55 858 747 0231

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