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It starts with breakfast

At Amarela a tasty & healthy breakfast is available* stay. You'll start your day full of protein & vitamins! Omelette, cheese, ham, crepes, fresh squeezed juice, coffee ( a lot of it ) & tea.

* extra charge 6 €


It continues with acai

Acaí is the holy grail, the one and only. As said before " In Acaism we trust ".

We also have delicious burguers, pastel & pastas.

or maybe?

Classic, chicken or veggies?

Salad and sweet potatoes on the side.

It could end with pizza

Margherita? Napoli or the Amarela special?

or lobster

Our lobster comes from Paracuru ( 10 km away ). The fishermen is also a preacher. True story.

The buffet offers local recipes with always vegetarian options.


Our jedi grill master knows how to slice the best picanha in the area. Brazilian meat is delicious. Trust the master.

never without

Caipirihna, caipifruta, local beer ( yes there is an artisanal brewery in Taibá ). Our caipi staff is the best in town. Really.

Movie night?

The best way to get inspired, relax, getting ready for the next session! And you should try our popcorn : )


The best Halloween party of the entire universe. 


The Lobisgang, Taiba's finnest!

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