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the best experience of kitesurfing in taiba-BRASIL

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Stay in a beautiful and quiet guesthouse near the world famous lagoon of Taiba. Enjoy the complimentary breakfast,  palmtree garden,

hammocks and a swimming pool.

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Within Casa Amarela have a real feel of North-Eastern Brasil. Our bungalows are built by local artesans with traditional material. Two cosy bungalows for 2-3 people.


Entirely built in "palha" ( straw), eco-friendly as we use dutch solar panel for light power. The best place for a cheap but comfy accomodation.

Kitebackers spirit!



7 a.m. It's sunny, 25 knots, Pineapple juice, coffee, toast with eggs and jam.
I grab my gear, no need to look outside, I know it's windy. 8m2 or 10m2? Whatever. 
Should I walk or buggy to the lagoon?Let me think... I can downwind there! By the way did I forgot to put sunscreen on?  
Hi doggy (Lilly, Summer, Cata  - our dogs).
Let's go.
So, let's just go from Casa Amarela directly to the beach. And now? The secret spot (ocean flat water spot ) or the lagoon (the world famous lagoon of sweet water) I'm not sure...
I might wanna catch a few waves in Taibinha?
Actually, I feel like I wanna downwind to Paracuru for lunch and come back later.
I might need my agenda to plan the day. Or not, I'm on holiday.
Ok it's settled. I'll do it all. Downwind from Taibinha, riding the waves, the wind will push me up North to the lagoon, quick stop, back mobe and back on the ocean again. Downwind to the secret spot, kitelooping big time, and downwind again. Paracuru.
Now, I need fresh water and a banana.
Let's head back to Taiba.
Hello buggy can I have a lift? Com certeza. Valeu. Obrigado. Go.
Small sunset session in the lagoon and straight back home for the most amazing Açai of the entire universe - serioulsy (it's like a smoothie of an amazonian bay with granola and bananas on top.) So addictive! 
I go back to the Casa Amarela and enjoy the vibe. 
What vibe? You know, good music, a fresh beer or a caipirinha. Is it pizza night tonight? Naah it's fish on the grill. Yumm.
The projector is on, the hammack is swinging to the rythm of trip hop music. What am I watching on screen? Cool, I've never seen this kitemovie before.
Palm trees are dancing to the wind and make me fall asleep. Is it 8 p.m. already? I had a long day at work (?)..ehm kiting.
Wait, what. The dj pops in!  It's reggae Tuesday already? One love then. 
Thats the spirit. Amarela's spirit.
Beleza amigo! 





Taiba Brasil Kitesurf

Taiba is a fishermen village in the state of Ceara, Northeast of Brazil. Taiba offers you 6 months of constant side-on wind with an average of 25 knots.

During the windy season, basically from July to December, Taiba transforms into a " kite village ". A perfect place to start a downwind trip to Jericoacoara or as an endless practice kite park with the Atlantic ocean as your playground. Flat water, countless waves, downwind, you name it, you'll find it.

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